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Coined by Darahagh of House of Chimeras
Status Current
Date coined February 10, 2013
Part of Speech noun
Community used by otherkin

Phytanthrope is a term which refers to someone who identifies as a plant in a human body on an integral and personal level.[1] It was first used on a Werelist thread on Februrary 10, 2013 by Earth Listener of House of Chimeras, and is attributed to Darahagh of their system. [2] Phytanthropes may use the alchemical symbol for Earth to represent themselves, often colored green or with a seedling sprouting from the center-most horizontal line.


Phytanthrope is a combination of the Greek terms phyton, meaning "plant," and anthrope, meaning "human" or "man." It was created using such in order to parallel the word therianthrope.[1]

Previous terminology that has since fallen out of use to refer to plant-identifying individuals includes wereplant[3], coined on AHWw in 1995, greenkin[4], coined in 2004, and woodkin, coined on the now-purged Woodkin LiveJournal in 2006.

Plantkin, a portmanteau of “plant” and “otherkin," is often used as a synonym to phytanthrope. Plantkin seems to have been coined in 2004, on the Plant / Green 'Kin LiveJournal.[5]

Communities and groups

There have been many groups centered around plant-identifying individuals and the experience of phytanthropy, both in part due to the specificity of the experience as well as because of some of the historical backlash in therian and otherkin circles regarding the legitimacy of phytanthrope experiences.


Plant Your Spirit

Plant Your Spirit is a ProBoards forum from 2006 and is the earliest known forum for plant-identifying individuals.[6] It was founded by WeepingTree and its last post dates November 27, 2008.


Plant / Green Kin

Plant / Green Kin is a LiveJournal from 2004 and is the earliest known record of the use of the word "plantkin." It was founded by the Qilora system, and describes itself as "a community for Otherkin who do not believe themselves to be solely related to beings which are best described as part of the "Animal Kingdom", rather they feel a "kinship" with species which are related to members of the Earth's "Plant-Kingdom."" [5] Its last post dates June 16, 2006.


According to records in the community, Woodkin was a LiveJournal from 2006 that has since been purged.

Plantkin Suggestions

Plantkin Suggestions is a Tumblr blog from 2016. It was created with an audience of plantkin and plant-enjoying individuals in mind, and included posts based around moodboards, aesthetics, recipes, decor and other item lists, and self care resources.[7]


Plantkin Unite!

Plantkin Unite! is a Discord created by the moderator/owner of Plantkin Suggestions.


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