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Meet the people who don't identify as human

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Meet the people who don't identify as human
Media type Magazine article
Release date July 21, 2015
Creator Gavia Baker-Whitelaw
Publisher The Week (US Edition)
Archive Archive

Meet the people who don't identify as human is an article about otherkin and therians written by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw for the magazine The Week's US edition. Baker-Whitelaw interviews multiple otherkin and therians, including Adalen, Miniar, and sade wolfkitten as well as a wolf therian going by the name Jessie and an anonymous Night Fury dragonkin. She also interviews multiple mental health professionals, who state that it "isn't a form of mental illness (unless people become delusional about it), so I don't see a particular need for 'treatment.'" and that there is no reason for a otherkin to seek professional help unless they are suffering. Baker-Whitelaw also discusses the issue of otherkin being compared to transgender individuals.