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Forty-Foot Winged Reptiles Need Your Love, Too

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Forty-Foot Winged Reptiles Need Your Love, Too
Media type Newspaper article
Release date April 01, 1998
Creator Baxil
Publisher Daily Nexus
Archive Archive

Forty-Foot Winged Reptiles Need Your Love, Too was an article written by Baxil for the April Fools edition of the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) Daily Nexus. While written in a humorous style, the core of the article dealing with Baxil's draconity was in fact true. As such, it is the first and only article about otherkin in the mainstream media which was written by a member of the otherkin community. This may also be the first article in which otherkin are discussed in terms of identity, with Baxil stating "Ignore for a moment whether dragons truly exist (we do) or are even possible (we are). This is an issue of identity and personal pride. If you deny my draconity you are writing me off as just one of the crowd -- and if even such relative oddities as dragons are part of the faceless masses, what hope is there for humanity to lift itself out of anonymity?"