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Coined by Indornaga
Status Current
Date coined February 18th, 2021
Part of Speech noun
Community used by Fictionkin, Therian

Fictherian is "a term to be used to describe one’s experiences of “animality”, as is described by the parent term “therian”, but signifying one’s source of experiences are not of this current earth."[1] The coining followed discussion between members of the social Discord server OtherConnect, such as the term's coiner Indornaga and fellow Fictherian IrritatedAndroid on the topic of identifying with the term Theriomythic due to shared experiences.

Promptly following the coining, discussion on tumblr pointed out the similarities between Fictherian and Theriomythic, to which Indornaga clarified: "the intention was for fictionkin to use, but if a dragon or griffin or unicorn, etc, feels that the “fictional” element to fictherian fits them, they’re welcome to use it too!"[2]


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