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Entry Level: Otherkin

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Entry Level: Otherkin
Media type Newspaper article
Release date September 04, 2012
Creator Karl McDonald
Publisher Totally Dublin

Entry Level: Otherkin is an article about otherkin written by Karl McDonald for the newspaper Totally Dublin. The article primarily focused on the otherkin subculture as found on tumblr, quoting anonymous asks from the Individual Otherkin blog and comparing the otherkin experience to that of transgendered individuals. A troll blog claiming that their kintype was a piece of toast was also quoted, with the article concluding: "Now, a (human of any worldly cynicism at all is going to conclude that this piece of toast is just trolling the entire otherkin community. But as the blog rolls on, fielding challenges and genuine questions and reposting pictures of half-eaten toast as if it was lynched, the question is begged: is there even really a difference between trolling and not trolling when all you’re doing is claiming to be toasted bread on the internet?"