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Dragonkin (Short Story)

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Dragonkin (Short Story)
Media type Fictional work
Release date July 17, 2013
Creator Lavie Tidhar
Publisher Tor Books

Dragonkin is a short story by Lavie Tidhar in which otherkin - particularly dragonkin, angelkin, elfkin, otakukin, and demonkin though others are mentioned - have been given their true forms by the release of a device termed the "Mythago bomb".

The story describes otherkin as mere children of "pure Mythago, a powerful myth-imago from the primal human subconscious". The concept of Mythago as "myth imago" seems to have been borrowed from author Robert Holdstock's Mythago Wood cycle. Five pure Mythagos are listed in the story, which do not seem to correspond with the individual Mythagos from Holdstock's works.

As fiction, it is unique in dealing with the actual beliefs of the real otherkin community - from awakening to headmates, among others - but in a future dystopian fantasy setting, and augmenting such beliefs with speculative additions such as "in Cuba Marx-kin battled Leninkind for domination."

It remains to be seen what influence, if any, this story and any future fictional works of this kind may have on the real otherkin community.