Dan O'Dea

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Dan O'Dea
Real name Dan O'Dea
Other names DanODea
Date of birth 1959
Profession or hobby Thinker
Kintype Elf, Danaan, Sidhe, Fae
Location Austin, Texas USA

Dan ODea' organizes the gathers Summer Gateways and A Gathering Echo, runs North Houston Otherkin Monthly Meetup, and is a moderator of Embracing Mystery.

Entrance into the otherkin community

Dan O'Dea awoke as a young child, and interacted with local groups that predated the otherkin community during the 80s. Dan encountered the online otherkin community in February 1998, when his daughter pointed him to the DarkFae mailing list. Dan joined it and a few other lists almost immediately. Dan met several members of what was then the offline Fort Worth otherkin community in March of 1998, including Syleniel and Ashran. He has been active in the community since then, participating in and helping run numerous email lists and forums, and attending and organizing gathers and meetups.

History in the otherkin community

Dan O'Dea has been on many lists and boards both active and defunct, including TirNanOc and its associated IRC channel #tirnanoc, TwilightFae, WyldFae, Midnight Voices, Embracing Mystery, Drink Deeply and Dream, Angelkin.com, the Otherkin Resource Board, F.A.E., Elenari.net and the otherkin community on LiveJournal. He attended Walking the Thresholds in Ohio in 1998, helped organize and run Dancing the Endless Dream from 1999-2009, and helped organize and run the F.A.E. retreat from 2001-2006. He has been organizing A Gathering Echo since 2007, and Summer Gateways since 2011. He is also the organizer for the North Houston Otherkin Monthly Meetup, which has been running since March 2010. He has also been involved in some email lists, sites, group, and meetup groups which are no longer active, including the Austin Otherkin Meetup group on meetup.com.

History in the pagan and new age community

Dan ODea started studying ESP, PSI, and martial arts in grade school, yoga in jr. high, and energy work and Zen meditation in high school. Dan began learning group energy work and ceremonial magic in college, and started studying Astrology, Wicca and Druidery in his 20s. He has been involved with several informal groups, and a few formal ones. He studied under Mark Roberts, and has stood in circle with Isaac Bonewitz. Currently he associates with Llygedyn Grove (Celtic/Druidic recon), and sometimes teaches workshops at Texas pagan events.