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Confessions of a Former Otherkin

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Confessions of a Former Otherkin
Media type New media article
Release date November 13, 2011
Creator BellaDona Saberhagen
Publisher The Witches' Voice

Confessions of a Former Otherkin is an article by a former member of the otherkin community about her experiences in it. Written by BellaDona Saberhagen for The Witches' Voice, this article takes a critical view of the otherkin community describing Saberhagen's former beliefs as "delusion" and stating that "Well, I outgrew my personal delusions once I left a crowd that fed them." Her experiences with individual friends are discussed, but the overall otherkin community is not described though the author clearly wishes readers to draw the conclusion that all otherkin are suffering from delusions like those of herself and her friends, as she concludes "Humans are magickal and that should be enough for any of us."