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Coined by Magpie Hrafnsdottir
Status Current
Date coined 1999
Alternative forms Brrrnn
Part of Speech proper noun
Community used by Otherkin
Synonyms Kon'yrii

Brinn are a remembered name for a group of anthropomorphic feline otherkin. There are two subspecies which have been remembered, referred to as OldBrinn and NewBrinn. OldBrinn are remembered as having thicker fur, being fond of spicy foods, and speaking with a rumbling purr that humans cannot duplicate, rendering the name of their species as Brrrnn. The NewBrinn, in contrast, have thinner fur, cannot tolerate the spices enjoyed by the OldBrinn, and have a vocal structure more similar to humans thus rendering the name of their species as Brinn.[1] They are remembered to have come from a place known as Berkaanutsya, which was part of the Many Colored Realms.[2]

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