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Coined by unknown
Status Current
Date coined unknown
Alternative forms faceted
Part of Speech * adjective: "I am aspected."
* verb: "I am aspecting dragon today."
* noun: "This aspect is elven."
Community used by otherkin, multiplicity
Synonyms Mid-Continuum, Median, Mental Shift

Aspected means having a single mind but "facets" which are quite different in thought processes, behavior patterns and emotional responses while retaining a singular memory and identity. Most people experience this to some degree in the masks they wear for work, school, home; as friends, as lovers, as parents, etc. Medically this phenomena has been recognized and even utilized in ego-state therapy.

Among otherkin, aspects often correspond to different past lives and/or different kintypes and "being aspected" or "aspecting" is often used in a similar way to how the therian community uses mental shifts or astral shifts.