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'Otherkins' Special

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'Otherkins' Special
Media type webisode
Release date September 27, 2016
Creator Owning It
Publisher MTV

'Otherkins' Special was an episode of the MTV web-series Owning It dealing with the subject of otherkin and therians. Shiro Ulv of Kinmunity was interviewed for the episode. Ulv commented on the experience on tumblr in April of 2016, stating "I’m really excited about it. It’s the first time I’ve seen media try to put a positive spin on alternative communities."[1]

The show defined "otherkins" as "people who identify spiritually, wholly, or partially as non-human beings, entities, or concepts." It quoted Ulv as stating that "When I was twelve years old, I would tell people that I was a wolf in a human body, but I didn't know any of the terminology or the community for it so I actually spent quite a bit of time in the Furry community." The interview concluded with Ulv stating "It's always been the outcasts who come out on top. Yeah, I'm weird, but what are you doing with your life?"

Commenting on the episode on tumblr after it aired, Shiro stated, "Initially, I was going to be a commentator on the full episodes of 'Owning It' and they were going to be much longer episodes. The short bit they did on 'otherkin' used my introduction recording. They eventually decided not to go with this format. There was recorded commentary of me commenting on the Tulpa, NoFap, and Mermaid episodes; this was not used in the final production."[2]



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