Wolfie Blackheart

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Wolfie Blackheart
Real name Wolfie Rodriguez, formerly Sarah Rodgriguez
Date of birth August 5, 1990
Profession or hobby Student
Location San Antonio, Texas USA

Wolfie Blackheart (real name Wolfie Rodgriguez, formerly Sarah Rodgriguez) is a member, and the current leader of, the Crimson Blood Wolf Pack -- a teen wolf pack located in San Antonio, Texas.


Wolfie is notorious for news coverage in January 2010 in which he was accused of beheading of his neighbor's missing dog, "Rigsby".[1] It was later determined that the dog was already dead when Blackheart removed its head, and so Blackheart was not charged with any crime. He had previously been charged with possession of a weapon (a skinning knife) on school grounds[1] and burglary.[2] He was also previously investigated, in 2007, for further allegations of animal mutilation.[2]