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Other names Fauxhall,VinnyKye,Toxicpaw
Date of birth 2003
Mate Has a mate but their name is confidential
Profession or hobby Freelance Animator & Musician
Kintype Polykin (50+ kins)
Theriotype Grey Wolf & American Flamingo
Vamptype Psychic
Location , Missouri United States
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Vinny is a 14 year old demiboy Therian,Otherkin,& Fictionkin from Missouri. Vinny is an animator & a musician. Vinny plans to attend college to receive a bachelor's degree in animation. Vinny does have Autism Spectrum Disorder (Specifically Aspergers),ADHD,& SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder).

Community History & Awakening

Vinny first awakened at the age of 12 as Matt from the web series Eddsworld. Shortly after Vinny confirmed his first theriotype to be a grey wolf. Vinny slowly began to discover more of his kintypes over months & is currently at 50+ kintypes with the majority being fictionkin. Vinny is much more active on tumblr but also has an account on Kinmunity. Vinny has formed a small "pack" of sorts called the Annex Clique.