Shifting Hearts

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Shifting Hearts
Media type Fictional work
Release date July 19, 2013
Publisher Good Mourning Publishing

Shifting Hearts is an anthology of short romantic fiction in which at least one of the love interests is a therian or otherkin. It was published by Good Mourning Publishing, and contains seven short stories by Lauren Brownless, Elizabeth Coppen, Esther Day, Rai Scodras, Lyn Thorne-Alder, and Chris Witham as well as illustrations by Dasha Pliska, Kanishtaa Naijuuk-Shiiragn, Andie Hranac, and Laura Brownless.

The open call for the anthology stated "Any identification of otherkin or therian is accepted. No vampires, p-shifting, or paranormal themes; strictly real world depictions."[1]

A forward for the anthology was slated to be written by Lupa, author of A Field Guide to Otherkin, but does not appear in the digital edition. Instead, a forward by Good Mourning Publishing is included.

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