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OtherWorlds Festival

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OtherWorlds Festival
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Organizer(s) The Goblin Market Master
Status Defunct
Location Phoenix, Arizona USA
Next held on November 8, 2014
First held on November 23, 2013
Last held on November 24, 2013
Setting The Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts
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Otherworlds Festival, sprung from the Fireland Pheonix Faery Festival is an all-OtherFolk festival in the area of Pheonix, Arizona. Unlike most faery festivals which do not cater to individuals who identify as nonhuman, Otherworlds Festival has put out a call for nonhuman attendees:

The Goblin Market Master has invited all the Vampires, Therians, Fae, Magickal Practitioners, Otherkin of all varieties, Steampunkers, Cosplayers, Roleplayers, Pirates, and Chrononauts of Arizona to come attend the Otherworlds Festival

The group's long term goals are to bring together all these groups into a larger community, increase understanding between groups, and contribute to the ReAwakening of magic in the world. They are still a new group working to build a strong foundation for future events.

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