Motley's House of Kin

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Motley's House of Kin
Moderator(s) Motley
Status Defunct
Launch date December 31, 2010
End Date July 26, 2013
Subject General Otherkin

Motleys House of Kin' was a web-based chat with two rooms: The Tavern and The Shadowy Corner. It was started in December 2010 by Motley to help satisfy the demand for a chat room for Otherkin Alliance users. Regular chats were held on Thursday and Friday nights, however the chat was open at all times. Users were expected to conform to all policies set by Motley. The chat was loosely affiliated with Otherkin Aliance until August 2012, when the affiliation was dropped and OKA created their own IRC channel. The chat officially closed on July 26, 2013, with the user base moving to Kin Talk.