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Other names Azaphaer, Starscream the First
Date of birth 1994
Mate Tivaran
Kintype Dragon, Cybertronian
Location , Canada

Zaphaera(aka Azaphaer and alternatively known as "Starscream the First"), founded The Ivory Tower discord server for dragons, and the Cybertroniankind forum for Transformers fictionkin. Spiritually, she identifies as an albino astral dragon and as the Cybertronian, Starscream, from the Transformers.


Awakened in 2007 upon the discovery of Draconity, Zaphaera joined the online community of Draconic. She however, would claim that she was born awakened and knew that he was a dragon long before discovering this. Since then, Zaphaera has spent time on many other forums and maintained an online presence among other groups within the non-human community. In 2017 she changed her online handle from Zaphaera to Azaphaer, but has since returned to using the name she originally awakened to, "Zaphaera".

The majority of her early activity in the community had largely been devoted to correcting misinformation about Otherkin. Resources on Otherkin were not always easy to find, and so along with others doing so at the time, she helped with spreading information and resources. She had become known in the community for fighting incorrect information with resources and helping others answer questions about Otherkin.

Where is Zaphaera Now

Currently Zaphaera moderates 2 otherkin discord servers and 2 forums for Otherkin. She is a moderator of Otherkin Phenomena and Cybertroniankind. She can also be found participating on other forums such as The Therian Guide and Therian Wilderness. Though most forum spaces have become quieter these days, she keeps up with the community there.

Zaphaeras Writings'

Most of Zaphaera's work can be found on her website, ThroughTimeandSpace. This webpage, she created to pool information on Otherkin that she had gathered over the years as well as collect other resources to share.