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Other names Zaphaera, Starscream the First
Date of birth 1994
Mate Tivaran
Kintype Dragon, Cybertronian

Azaphaer(previously Zaphaera and alternatively known as "Starscream the First"), founded The Ivory Tower discord server for dragons, and the Cybertroniankind forum for Transformers fictionkin. Spiritually, they identify as an albino astral dragon and Starscream from the Transformers.

Community Beginnings

Awakened in 2007 upon the discovery of Draconity, Azaphaer joined the online community of Draconic under the old alias, Zaphaera. They however, would claim that they were born awakened and knew they were a dragon long before discovering this. Since then, they have spent time on many other forums and maintained an online presence among other groups within the non-human community. In 2017 they changed their online handle from Zaphaera to what is now Azaphaer, as it better fit their experience.

Community Activity

For the most part, Azaphaer has contributed to writings and personal attestations to their individual Otherkinity and Draconity. They as well, have written articles about the greater Otherkin community as a whole on top of their experience within it. A majority of these writings, takes up correcting misinformation and misunderstandings of what has been established by the community.

Where Are They Now

Azaphaer resides on the communities they moderate as well as a few active forums such as Therian Wilderness, Kinmunity, and MechHaven. Other places you can find them and their writings within the community are on [Dreamwidth] and [Tumblr]. They are also active on mailing lists such as Alt.Fan.Dragons and RealDragon.