Angrian Family

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Angrian Family
Founder(s) Dakota (Alpha Dakota) Hobday
Status Active
Founded on 22 September 2011
Location , International
Meeting type Online
Services offered Online chats, video calls, movie-watching, games, writing, fictional roleplaying, art trades, contests, projects, raffles, gift-mailing, physical meetups, education programs, video collaborations, discussions, and more for members.
Membership requirements Must be at least 15 years of age, have access to Google Hangouts and G+, and consent to family rules.

Angrian Family is an informational, close-knit group dedicated to helping its members grow in knowledge, experience, strength, and confidence in who they are. We are committed to helping our family grow to their fullest potential and provide complete family support for each individual. Through our ideals, we stand as a loving, trusting and caring home that members join indefinitely.

As a family, we partake in dozens of activities ranging from chatting, video calls, movie watching, art trades, writing, gaming, projects, contests and much more. We also strive to strengthen our family through discussions, videos, assignments, lessons and more.

Angrian is structured through a nobility system made up of three categories where each nobility has a specific set of jobs applied to help benefit the family to its highest capability. Through these nobilities, Angrian functions as a family equally, as there is no hierarchy in Angrian. Angrian Family remains organized through a specific set of rules. We take our rules seriously and push to create the best environment together for our family.

Overall, we desire to help benefit our family and the community around us as much as possible. We strive to provide information, build friendships, and unite the community together.