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AnOtherWiki:Deletion Policy

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This page outlines the official policy of AnOtherWiki when it comes to the deletion of pages. There are two ways that a page can be deleted: Either it's deletion can be proposed by the userbase, or a page can be summarily deleted by the administrators if they see fit. The summary deletion will only be used in cases of clear and certain vandalism, and can be appealed.

Proposing Deletion

Deletion may be proposed by any user if they feel it is necessary. They can do so by placing the {{Delete}} tag on a page. This action begins the deletion process, the first stage of which lasts 30 days. Users proposing deletion are requested to provide a reason for deletion. Please use the reason parameter for this. When the tag is placed, it should look like this {{Delete|reason=INSERT REASON HERE|contested=no|time=~~~~~}}

Contesting Deletion

If another user believes the page should be kept, they should change the contested tag to yes and place a reason on the talk page as to why. They should also update the time portion of the template code. In the 30 days following the deletion being contested, the community will have the opportunity to discuss the deletion. At the end of the thirty days, an administrator will either delete or keep the page, based on the results community discussion and their own judgement. This decision is final.