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Other names cheetah, Scopimera
Date of birth December 2, 1994
Profession or hobby student
Theriotype cheetah
Location , United States
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Citrakayah (a version of the word citrakāyaḥ that doesn't use any special characters) is a cheetah therian based in the United States. He is male, autistic, and currently a high school student planning on going into zoological architecture.

Views on Therianthropy

Citrakayah views therianthropy as a strictly natural process due primarily to atypical psychology. The exact cause of this atypical psychology, in his opinion, varies, even within the same person[1], and can probably not be pinned down very well in relation to the exact cause (though there's certainly no harm in trying, as it makes for a pleasant diversion).

Because of his views, Citrakayah finds the concept of otherkin/therians of fictional species perfectly believable, assuming enough has been written about said fictional species, especially in regards to behavior.


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