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SF Bay Otherkin Meetup is a monthly otherkin meetup hosted by Arethinn in the San Francisco Bay, CA, area. The meetup is primarily social in nature, and is usually held at a local coffee shop or park, rotating through various locations around the bay. The meetups alternate between the second Saturday and the second Sunday of the month.

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2015: RSS · iCal

  1. Nov 28: Brisbane Vampire Family Meet, AU (Queensland)
  2. Dec 03: London Vampire Meetup Group, UK (Greater London)
  3. Dec 05: Detroit Area Vampire Community, USA (Michigan)
  4. Dec 11: The Chicago Vampire Meetup Group, USA (Illinois)
  5. Dec 11: Tucson Otherkin Meetup, USA (Arizona)
  6. Dec 13: SF Bay Otherkin Meetup, USA (California)
  7. Dec 19: Los Angeles Vampires, USA (California)
  1. Feb 20: Appalachians Howl Meetup, USA (North Carolina)
  2. May 13-May 15: House Kheperu Gather, USA (Ohio)
  3. May 27-May 30: Summer Gateways, USA (Texas)
  4. Jun 09-Jun 12: Walking the Thresholds, USA (Pennsylvania)
  1. Manchester Vampire Guild, UK (Greater Manchester)
  2. Crossing the Thresholds, USA (Pennsylvania)
  3. A Gathering Echo, USA (Texas)
  4. Feral Moon, RU (Moscow)
  5. OtherWorlds Festival, USA (Arizona)
  6. Dark Sanctuary, USA (Alaska)
  7. New England Howl, USA (Northampton)
  8. ShadowLore Summer Gathering, USA (Pennsylvania)
  9. SEHowl, USA (Alabama)
  10. Bay Area Therians, USA (California)
  11. Dreamhaven, USA (TBD)
  12. Stockholm Howl, SE (Södermanland and Uppland)
  13. NC Howl, USA (North Carolina)