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Author(s) Aetherkin
Status Active
Slogan More than human; kin to the Other
Launch date March 2012

Otherk.in purports to be a site for rational otherkin, however elements of the site such as Japanese text under the Awakening section that has to do with saving files and its mention of "prophesies" relating to otherkin as well as its twisting of the phrase kin to the other to include the idea that otherkin are "more than human" strongly suggests that it is, in fact, an elaborate troll.

Further evidence may be found on a subdomain of the main site, which reads in part:

Otherkin Awakening is a real exposé on the Otherkin scene and its members.

The book goes well beyond the bounds of fiction to really investigate the counter-culture and spirituality of people who consider themselves not to be human.

Otherkin Awakening follows Anya and her friend Marc as she discovers her own Otherness and her Kintype, along with some unexpected psionic talents and some heavy responsibilities. Otherkin politics are just getting started, and the four great Houses have some very different ideas...

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