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Temple of The Fae

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Temple of The Fae
Author(s) Mia Fainnir
Status Active
Launch date July 16, 2013
Genre kintype-specific

Temple of the Fae is a website created by Mia Fainnir for her nonprofit organization Sanctuary of Otherkin. The temple describes itself as "an organization of religious worship for Elvin and Fae Kin" and states that "Our main purpose is to help any and all Elves and Fae who seek guidance at any point of their awaking, improving their spiritual path as they have chosen, communicate with other elves and fae, provide any education or assistance educationally for those interested."

The temple website also includes research into the history of elves and fae which purports to show bloodlines with physical elven ancestry going back to the historic kingdom of Álfheimr.

Copyright infringement

Within the first week after its creation, Temple of The Fae posted the article "What are Otherkin" written by MemoryAndDream, owner of the Embracing Mystery website. According to a statement by MemoryAndDream on July 22, 2013 this was done without permission, and was reported to google for removal using their DMCA copyright infringement reporting tool on July 22, 2013. It was removed on July 26, 2013.

On July 20th, Temple of the Fae posted significant portions of Otherkin Alliance's FAQ, claiming that "The Following Questions and Answers have been utilized with help from The OtherKin Alliance" and "A questions and answer section is on this site in conjunction with the OtherKin Alliance to help answer questions." On July 28, 2013, Adnarel the founder of OKA confirmed that this was never any communication regarding collaboration, or to use their articles.

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