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Kai and her late dog, Dakota
Real name Kaleigh
Other names Felkes
Date of birth May 18, 1990
Profession or hobby Freelance artist/designer
Theriotype snow leopard/canis lupus
Location Byron Center, Michigan USA
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Kai aka Felkes (born 1990) is a therian and furry from western Michigan. She was a staff member on the Therian Discovery Forums prior to its merger with Otherkinsight Forums, is presently a moderator of Feral Nature, and is a freelance professional artist.

Entrance into the Community

Kai first discovered the therian community in 2005 after a close friend of hers came out to her about his own therianthropy, and directed her to the Christian Therianthropy forum. She spent a few months reading articles and threads there and on Werelist. The discovery of these sources told her that she wasn't alone in what she was experiencing and triggered a sort of awakening in her, where she no longer felt a need to repress her therianthropy or dismiss it as some form of insanity. After a couple months of lurking she joined both of the aforementioned forums, though it wasn't until some time after she joined Werelist that she heard the term otherkin.

Banning from AnOtherWiki

On September 4, 2012 Kai was banned from editing AnOtherWiki at her own request, following a dispute regarding the content of the article on TheDarkEricDraven.[1]


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